“Number One – Refining a Finger by Fire”

In 900 CE, the revered master (Liu) accidentally happened across many people sick with an epidemic.  The master pitied them, proceeding to swear an oath before the Buddha, and that he would recite a dharani spell to eliminate it.  In his daochang, (Liu) then burnt off the first joint of the second finger on his left hand in offering to all Buddhas, swearing an oath to relieve the distress of the myriad creatures. The Virtuous Sage was moved by this, and assisted (Liu) in transmitting the Way, without speaking saying: ‘Your oath is sincere and wide-reaching; you therefore must go west, and upon arriving at Mi, you should reside there.’  (Liu) went to Han and promptly returned, proceeding to travel and perform rituals at Lingshan, eventually returning to Gui County.