“Number Ten – Refining the Knees by Fire”

To the virtuous sage and revered master (Liu), the King of Shu, who over the course of time had come to venerate him, inquired by imperial edict saying: ‘How (does one) cultivate such a way, he who is called ‘Revered Master’? Report what effectiveness (it has had) on saving all kinds of families?’ (Liu) replied saying: ‘Master, to be skilled at cultivating daily (acts of) refining oneself with fire, make an oath begging to be without the passions and their filth.’ (Liu) took special hold of a six wheel five section secret charm in order to relieve to a degree the (suffering) of the multitudes. On the eighteenth day of the first moon of 906 CE, (Liu) began to carve sticks of sandalwood incense, burning into his two knees as an offering to all the Buddhas and proclaiming his oath to all myriad beings. The imperial splendor after these three events obtained insight.