“Number Two – Standing in Snow”

In the eleventh moon of 900 CE, the revered master (Liu) along with witnesses traveled to Emeishan to do veneration to the radiant form of Samantabhadra. At this time, (Liu) encountered a blizzard which filled the air and the one thousand mountains were white-white. For thirteen days, (Liu) forced his body to ascend to the summit and from December 7th to the 21st (Liu) sat upright in meditation on top of the mountain, following the example of Shakyamuni who for six years performed Buddhist acts on a snowy mountain in order to achieve the Way. Moved by this, Samantabhadra Bodhisattva manifested himself as a witness (to Liu’s actions).

第二立雪(额) 本尊教主于光启二年十]一月挈家游峨眉山瞻礼]普贤光相时遇大雪弥漫]千山皓白十三日将身向]胜峰顶大雪中凝然端坐]以表释迦文佛雪山六年]修行成道感]普贤菩萨现身证明]