“ Refining an Ankle by Fire”

The revered master (Liu) was seated at a feast on Emei that had already lasted quite long when suddenly a monk saw him and called forth: ‘Lay Buddhist, why stop on this mountain? Of what benefit is it? It would be better to go to the nine provinces and ten counties to relieve the suffering of the masses and cure the sick.’ Because of this, (Liu) left the mountain, and went away. On the 18th day of the first moon of 902 CE, the revered master took two sticks of sandalwood incense making one wick of them and on the ankle of his left leg burnt them in offering to all Buddhas. (Liu) swore an oath that together with all myriad beings, wherever they lifted and set down their feet, it may always be a daochang, and that never would they tread on profane ground. Moved by this, the Four Heavenly Kings offered witness.