“Number Four – Gouging Out an Eye”

The venerable sage master (Liu) had already been in the Han region ten days when he suddenly recalled the strange words [he had] heard previously: that on “encountering me he should stop”. After going to Han, (Liu) promptly returned. Thus he planted his staff in the west of Mimeng. One day in the Han region, the prefect Lord Zhao sent a messenger who came to request an eye, lying by saying that it would be used to make medicine, desirous of trying to see if his need would be denied. The revered master’s mind already knew that this person would arrive. (He) took out his precept knife, which he then used to gouge out (his eye). (He) gave his eye to the messenger, showing no sign of pain or distress. Moved by this, Vajragarbha Bodhisattva manifested himself above. Upon seeing the eye, Lord Zhou was frightened and exclaimed: ‘(Liu) is truly good and knowledgeable.’ He then converted and confessed. The time was the third day of the seventh moon 904 CE.