An inscription located next to one part of the sculptural grouping reads as follows: At that time, the World-honored One informed all Buddhist monks, “If you receive the Five Precepts and the 250 Rules of Conduct, then the rules of proper deportment are complete if you comply with not drinking alcohol, and do not violate the 250 Commandments with regard to right conduct. If you transgress, you will accordingly enter hell.” Kasyapa addressed the Buddha saying, “No alcohol throughout life? Tathagatha, for what reason do the precepts equate alcohol with suffering?” The Buddha replied to Kasyapa, “You like to examine what you hear! In the kingdom of Sravasti, there was Angulimala; his action of drinking alcohol caused stupidity and confusion, causing this son to violate his own mother and to kill his own father. The mother accordingly took a lover, and together bearing a knife (they) did harm. This is the reason today the precepts say alcohol causes suffering.”