24. Shrine of the Daoist Sages

25. Shrine to the Jade Emperor and the Earth Goddess

26. Series of Engraved Steles

27. Statue of Vairocana Buddha

28. Carving of a Lion

29. Cave of Complete Enlightenment

30. Taming the Wild Ox

1. Carving of fierce tiger

2. Guardians of the Buddhist Teachings

3. Revolving Wheel of the Six Paths

4. Pavilion of Great Treasure

5. Three Saints of the Huayan School

6. Precious Holy Relic Pavilion

7. Engraved Stele Dedicated to Vairocana

8. 1000-Armed Avalokitesvara

9. Holy Relic Pagoda

10. Final Gathering of Men and Devas

12. Bathing of the Buddha

13. Peacock Queen

15. Depictions from the Scripture on the Kindness of Parents

16. Gods of Cloud, Wind, Thunder, Rain and Lightning

17. Depictions of Buddha Preaches the Mahayana Scripture on the Skillful Means for Repaying Kindness

18. Depictions from the Scripture on the Visualization of the Buddha of Infinite Life

Overview of Pure Land tableau

Overview of Pure Land tableau

19. Six Vices

20. Dizang Bodhisattva with the Ten Kings of Hell and the 18 Hells

21. Asceticism of Master Liu

22. Ten Wisdom Kings

23. Shrine to the Three Pure Ones

31. Statues of Man and Licchavi Woman