Shakyamuni while in the Causal Stages (of Bodhisattvahood) as a Parrot Performs Filial Acts

The Great Canon states: There was a parrot whose father and mother were completely blind and who always when gathering flowers and fruit first offered them to his parents. At this time there was a landowner, who when he began to plant his grain, made a pledge, “Whatever crop I plant, I will give to the myriad creatures in charitable offering.” The parrot was then gathering rice grains in order to nourish his parents. At the same time, the landowner saw the parrot and suddenly got angry, and seized the parrot. The parrot informed him, “First (you) had a good heart, granting creatures (nourishment) without being stingy; why is it that today upon seeing me (you) seize me?” The landowner asked, “You are here gathering my grain, how did you expect me to react?” The parrot replied, “My parents are blind; I desire to offer this to them.” The landowner was delighted (to hear this), and thereupon let him go.

At that time the World-Honored One spoke this hymn: How excellent! The parrot had wisdom, thus could he cherish and filially care for his parents. I henceforward will supply gifts of seeds to allow you to provide for your two parents. Such unlimited events in the past were like this. Always cherishing that which was abhorrent, thereby seeking pure and peerless enlightenment.

释迦因地鹦鹉行孝 大藏杂宝藏经云:有一鹦鹉,父母俱盲,常采花果,先奉父母。时有田主,初种谷时,而作誓言:所种植物,与众生供。时鹦鹉采取稻穗,以供父母。是时田主按行苗稼,见剪稻穗,忽生嗔念,网捕鹦鹉。鹦鹉告言:先有好心,施物无吝,如何今日,而见网捕?田主问言:汝所取谷,意复合为?鹦鹉答言:有盲父母,愿以奉之。田主欢喜,遂舍而去。尔时世尊而说偈言:善哉鹦鹉有智慧,能怀孝供养父母,我从今日以稻施,任汝供养于二亲。如是过去无量事,无有善行为而不做。未曾有怀□厌恶,以求清净无上道.