Shakyamuni while in the Causal Stages (of Bodhisattvahood) Cultivates Filial Piety and Realizes the 32 Marks (of a Great Being)

The Great Canon states: Manjusri asked the Buddha, “Seated among the Bodhisattvas and seeing the Buddha’s thirty-two major marks and the 80 excellent qualities, their nobility is beyond compare. What are the causes for acquiring a form like this?” The Buddha replied, “Over the ages, I delighted in lighting lamps at the Buddhist temple as well as in the presence of elders, teachers and parents. For of this reason my Buddha body glows brightly, truly wondrous beyond compare. In ages past, when I came to serve my teacher and parents, amidst the four forms of dignified beings, I gave them food, drink, and bedding. Hence because of this all the heavenly demons and gods gather up precious jewels of this world and the very best of the Buddha’s thirty-two characteristics and eighty kinds of good. These two general lists of marks and excellences come about because when I first made my vow and stood steadfast in the quest for enlightenment, I was aware of my parents’ kindness. I repaid that kindness. For this reason, I attained perfect enlightenment. I regard all the myriad creatures just as (I would) my father the king. On account of such causes and conditions as these, I acquired these kinds (of marks). It has enabled me to quickly realize unexcelled complete enlightenment. (All of it) is due to the virtue of filial piety.”

释迦因地行孝证三十二相 大藏经云:文殊白佛言,座中菩萨见佛三十二相,八十种好,端正无比,有何因缘,得如是像?佛言:我于世世喜燃灯于佛寺及师长父母前,由是因故,佛身光明,殊妙无比。我于世世来事师长父母,四仪中饮食卧具。由是因故,诸天鬼神,普持世间所有珍宝,已顶上佛三十二相,八十种好。二相好,是由我初发心,坚固菩提,知恩报恩,是故今得无上菩提,视诸众生,犹如父王。以此因缘。得是种类,使我急得阿耨多罗三藐三菩提,由孝德也。