Shakyamuni while in the Causal Stages (of Bodhisattvahood) Cuts His Own Flesh to Nourish His Father and Mother

The Great Canon states: The Buddha told Ananda, “In the past there was born to a king a prince who was called Sujati, his body a golden yellow color. At that time, the evil Rahu betrayed the king; the king took the frightened prince and fled to a neighboring country. The grain all gone and the land still distant, they were plagued by starvation and thirst. The prince then said, “From my princely body, daily I will cut three ‘jin’ of meat and divide it into three parts; I offer two to you my father and mother and one portion I shall eat myself.” His parents listened and obeyed, cutting then eating it. Following the road, they went on. The prince again said, “In the event that a fiery iron wheel on the top of my head should spin, in the end I would not consider it painful and thereby retreat from the Way. If I took advantage with lies and falsehoods, my bodily sores would not heal. However, if I do not take this (cowardly) option, I will be healed as good as new.” Forthwith, his body became more perfect than ever. The Buddha told Ananda, “Those parents are my parents now. The prince at that time was namely I.”

释迦因地肉割父母 大藏经言:佛告阿:昔有国王生一太子,字曰‘阇提’,身黄金色。时罗睺恶逆王惊抱太子,出投邻国。粮尽犹远,饥渴所迫。太子白言:就子身上,日割三斤肉,分作三分,奉上父母,一份自食。父母听之,割而食之,随路而去。太子复言:假使热铁轮,于我顶上旋,终不以此苦,退于无上道。若我欺诳,身疮不合,若不尔者,平复如故。即时身体,端正倍常。佛告阿难: 彼父母者,今父母是。尔时太子,即我身是。