Shakyamuni Goes to the Abode of His Father the King to Observe the King’s Illness

The Buddha was at Rajagrha on Vulture Peak, as radiant as the day. At that time, Suddhodhana’s four great elements were suffering. His being such that he was unable to catch his breath; among various treatments no procedure could cure him. Informing all those around him, the king said, “Although today I pass away, I am not saddened; however, I regret that I have not seen all of my sons.” The Thus-Come One knowing that his father the king was about to die, and that he wanted to see all of his sons, informed Ananda, “Suddhodhana is my honorable father, who was able to bear a divine son who has benefited the world; now it is befitting that I call on him who raised and nurtured me to pay my debt of gratitude.” The World-Honored One released a great radiance, the light illuminating the king’s body and the suffering (king) had peace. The king said, “What radiance is this? Perhaps it indicates that all of my sons will come!” The king seeing the Buddha coming said, “I only hope that his hand touches my body, causing me to be at peace. Today I will get to see the World-Honored One, and all pain and regret will be eliminated.” The Buddha then with his hand and touched his father the king on the forehead, “King, you should be joyful, you should not be vexed or worried because you have always attentively contemplated the methods and significance of the scriptures.” When the king heard this, the happiness he himself could not bear, so with his hand he grasped the Buddha’s hand and touched it to his heart. Whereupon as the king lay, he joined his palms together in reverence, and his life ended, his last breath cut off.

The Buddha declared to the multitude, “My father Suddhodhana, having abandoned this body, has been born into the Five Heavens of Purity.” Upon hearing this, the assembled multitude then eliminated the poison of worry beyond all thought or description.

释迦牟尼佛诣父王所看病 佛在王舍城耆阇崌山中,光明如日。时净饭王四大俱被残害。其体喘息不定,种种医治,无法能愈者。告诸王曰:我今虽逝,不以为苦,但恨不见我子悉达。如来已知父王欲终,要见诸子,告难陀曰:净饭王者是我曹父,能生圣子,利益世间,今宜往诣,报育养恩。世尊放大光明,光照王身,患者得安。王言:是何光也,脱是我子悉打来也。王见佛来,惟愿手触我身,令我得安,我今得见识尊,痛恨即除。佛即以手着父王额:王应欢喜,不宜烦恼,常谛思念诸经法义。时王闻已,喜不自胜,即以手捉佛手着手心上。王于卧处合掌作礼,命尽气绝。佛告众言:父王净饭,舍此身已,生净居天。众会闻已,即舍愁毒,不可思议.