Shakyamuni while in the Causal Stages (of Bodhisattvahood) Performs the Filial Act of Gouging Out His Eyes and Marrow for the Sake of a Cure

The Great Canon states: The prince of Ksanti knew his father the king’s body was hampered by a serious illness and gave the order to seek a means of cure morning and night. The prince would ask, “What will cure him?” The great ministers replied, “It is the eyes and marrow of a person who doesn’t anger. If this medicine is obtained, the illness should be cured.” The prince said, “Take my marrow.” At that time, the great statesmen accepted and the medicine entered the king. It promptly cured the king’s illness. The prince’s life came to an end. Using sandalwood, they raised a pagoda for his bones and made an offering. Hence, we know that the Thus Come One’s filial conduct in repaying kindness brought so much salvation in that kalpa, it is beyond thought or description.

释迦因地行孝剜眼出骨髓为药 大藏经云:忍辱太子知其父王身婴重病,命在旦夕,求药□法。太子问言:药是何物?太子答曰:是不嗔人眼睛及其骨髓,若得此药,病可得救。太子言:□出骨髓。尔时大臣合药进王,王即病差。太子命终,以牛头旖檀□□生骨起塔供养。是知如来行孝报恩,□广救劫,不可思议。