The accompanying inscription reads as follows: The Sutra on Brilliant Freshness Preached by the Buddha from the Great Canon: At that time Buddha announced to Kasyapa, …. “Those who drink alcohol do not know their own families. Among those who drink alcohol, there are cases where fathers do not recognize their sons, or sons do not recognize their fathers; elder brothers do not recognize younger brothers, or younger brothers do not recognize elder brothers; husbands do not recognize their wives, or wives do not recognize their husbands; elder sisters do not recognize younger sisters, or younger sisters do not recognize elder sisters; or they do not recognize their inner or outer kin. Good sons (of the Buddha) in this current life become utterly confused; how much moreso in future (lives to come). Any sentient being who foregoes drinking wine and eating meat will be able to arouse the resolve to (seek and achieve) the perfected bodhi mind.